Yesterday I fucked up - You should've shot me..

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..and today I've had to write a billion "I'm so sorry"-mails - and it's not even lunch yet.. I've gotten so many upset mails that it's just not funny anymore.. ..well some of them actually was funny - really funny - but other were not..

Anyways, I just moved a search application at work that automatically sends out mails with searches that our users are subscribing to. When moving it it went haywire and sent the correct searches to the wrong people..

I got one mail from an upset woman who had been searching for My Little Pony, but recieved hits for Lack and Latex (dare to try it on Google?).. You can probably imagine the search results that she received:/.. But then again, what kind of pervert is searching for My Little Ponys?

Unfortunately this is a true story - poor girl.. On the other hand I bet the Laque and Latex-guy was equally upset with all the My Little Ponys he got.. I'm expecting a mail from him too pretty soon.. By the way, is My Little Ponys made out of latex perhaps? I think I actually could wriggle my way out of this!

It's on days like this that I really need this..

Bury me below this beautiful landscape..
When you've shot me - bury me here!

Alexandra requested to be mentioned in the blog so:
Alex, you are fantastic!

The Tulo sign - Tuloskylten

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Perfect time to talk about one of my favourite signs in Stockholm, the Tulo sign!

Tuloskylten - (Tulosign) by Sankt Eriksbron on the Kungsholmen side.. Fantastic sign!
Always take Tulo

The sign is located on the Thulebuilding just next to S:t Eriksbron on the Kungsholmen side. Tulo was a breath mint sold by Cloetta, but it has since long been taken out of their stock. The sign was lit for the first time in 1955, and since the breath mint wasn't sold anymore Cloetta decided not to repair the sign when it stopped working in the beginning of the 90's.

Since the sign was a very famous landmark in Stockholm the City Of Stockholm decided to renovate it - with or without the help of Cloetta. When the people of Stockholm were talking about a boycott of Cloetta's candy they understood the importance of the sign, and therefore decided to pay for most of the repairs of the sign.

The sign was lit once again during the Stockholm Waterfestival on the 7th of August in 1997, and has since been a colorful addition to the nightsky.

Source of information, in Swedish..

Today is a good day to die

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I'm having one of those days today - and I don't mean Native American or Klingon-style (etymology). If I'm gonna die anytime soon then please let it be today!

Feels like someone is tightening a belt around my head to the point where I will get a nosebleed soon.. There are also numerous small problems with what I'm currently working on. Big data updates in the database that could basically fuck up thousands and thousands of peoples day:/. Nothing of personal importance, other than that it always feels bad when something isn't working the way it's supposed to at work.. After these data updates I need to clear my brain a couple of seconds before I jump onto the next bug/problem on the list.

Please shoot me..

Letting go..

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Just let go of the tattered and used, take a step back into reality and your dream will become the future. No longer will I allow myself to be shackled by my projection of old dreams, not more than illusions - upon the blank screen of my future. I won't dream of a wasteland while living in a paradise..

Begone old dreams, here I come reality - and preperations are being made to welcome my dreams..

For the morning to come the sun must fist set..
For the morning to come the sun must first set..

E=MC^2 - Present from Maria..

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Got this stone from Maria Gunnarsson when she left Tradera..
One of the best presents I've ever gotten...

I have a fantastic friend called Maria, one of those who I don't take care of.. Doesn't mean that I don't love her just the same - I'm just the worst friend there is - or on the Top2-list anyways..

On her last day working for Tradera she gave me this stone. If it hadn't been for this stone I would probably have kneeled under the preassure of being me where I was half a year ago. Maybe it wasn't the stone, maybe it was something else - maybe I just took it standing because I'm such a bad ass - but who cares..'s a really fucking special stone, don't take that away from me.. ..ok?

Nice song:
Stone Sour - Through Glass

To open it in Spotify click here!

Stone Sour _ Through Glass
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Near Death Experience

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Vår stackars nätverkskille fick tydligen ett allvarligt astmaanfall av jätteråttan:/... Jag skickade givetvis ett förlåtmail till honom:


Fick på avvägar höra att du hade fått ett astmaanfall av det lilla odjuret. Trodde i min enfald att det skulle vara lugnt om den blev förpassad till den lilla buren vid min plats men efter att, av din chef, ha fått en crash course i din allergi förstår jag att så inte var fallet. Jag har nu dammsugit området kring våra platser och jag hoppas att det underlättar det något för dig. Om det inte hjälper måste vi nog sanera arbetsplatsen med hjälp av anticimex och då får väl den kostnaden dras på min lön!

Krya på dig och hoppas att du snart är på benen...



Jag gillade heller aldrig råttan, men hon var så söt att jag inte hade hjärta att spola ner henne... Hon har nu förpassats till mitt kök hemma där hon får sitta och skämmas tills hon blir upphämtad av Råttfångaren från Hameln..

Så kan det gå när man inte förstår allvaret med folks allergier..

Rat infestation in the office

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Sabine caught this gigantic rat in the office today.. Now it's keeping me company trying to help me out with my work!
Sabine managed to catch this gigantic rat!

The rat is now sitting next to me in it's cage helping me to code the site. She's doing a lousy job though, but I still love her.. not actually, she's a rat.. ..but for a rat she's kinda ok.

Caps Lock - I hate it...

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I removed the Caps Lock because I never use it, it's only accidentaly pressed, never on purpose..
The least useful key on the keyboard, along with the ins-key..

I removed the Caps Lock because I never use it, it's only accidentaly pressed, never on purpose.. Do you dare to join me in my quest to rid the world of the Caps Lock Key? The next key to go is the Ins key! The any key was the last one I got removed from the keyboards all over the world..

Donna is a bitch, Emil is a cat...

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There will be no puppies - nor kittens - this season..

There will be no puppies - nor kittens - around this season..

Really scary centipede

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Centipede on beach in Binh Tanh..
My finger almost got bitten by it - but I saw it just in time..

This picture was shot in Binh Thanh in Vietnam, luckilly it's not a Swedish monster!

The housing situation in Stockholm

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Creative solution for the housing problems in Stockholm..

Extra credits if you know what station I was by when I shot this picture.. The round building in the background is The Ericsson Globe Arena, formely known as The Globe of Stockholm, or Stockholm Globen Arena..

Magical moonlit night

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Magical moonlit night in Strängnäs..It was taken the other night in Strängnäs.. I haven't edited it at all, it's just straight out of the camera, compressed, and thrown up there on the blog. No flash used, 5 seconds shutter time, ISO 800. Handheld - without tripod that is.. Support against a tree I think.. I think it looks beautiful!
Magical moonlit night in Strängnäs..

The photo was taken the other night in Strängnäs.. I haven't edited it at all, it's just straight out of the camera, compressed, and thrown up there on the blog. No flash used, 5 seconds shutter time, ISO 800. Handheld - without tripod that is.. Support against a tree I think.. I think it looks beautiful!

First morning frost

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All the windshields of the cars were covered in frost this morning...

Blodröd och bitterljuv gåva..

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Blodröda rosor..
Ibland får man något man inte trodde man skulle få - något oförtjänt..

Fiery Explosion in Solna

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On Solnavägen almost by the Solna bridge..