Not Nisses fault

Share written 2009-11-30 @ 15:36:33

Poor Nisse (the technician who stole my vacation:) felt bad about me not being able to go to Vietnam, but of course he wasn't to blame.. The problem is that the tech department - at the best e-commerce site in Sweden - is under staffed.. This results in that two technicans can't be on vacation at the same time during this spring..

Of course no single person is the reason for me not going to Vietnam this spring.. But it still makes me really fucking disappointed since I've been planing this since fucking September. Stupid me for not applying for vacation all the way back then.

♥ Nisse ♥

Biljard - En kollega
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Vietnam 2010 - Revisited

Share written 2009-11-30 @ 14:51:39

My plans to return to Vietnam is shaping into form.. I contacted the Vietnamese Embassy in Stockholm today, and also printed out the Visa Application Form.

I also talked to my manager about taking four weeks of vacation in February. I really want to be in Vietnam during the Tet Holiday, so I hope he approves my request..

Nope, didn't get it. FUCK-FUKC-UFCK-CUFK-FCUK... Another technician had already stolen that vacation slot.. I fuckin' hate this shit.

This means that I will have to put my plans on ice.. ..and worst of all - No FUCKING Tet Holiday for me.