Donna is a bitch, Emil is a cat...

Share written 2009-10-19 @ 13:59:43

There will be no puppies - nor kittens - this season..

There will be no puppies - nor kittens - around this season..

skrivet av Jempa

Men kanske Kippies? Eller Puttens?

2009-10-19 @ 17:03:23
skrivet av justdidit

Yes, let's hope so that Donna's hard work pays off.. One could also see this as Donna's fifty cents in the debate about equality between the sexes. Time for the boys to take it for a while.. ..or maybe it's just time to have "the talk" about the birds and the bees with her..

2009-10-19 @ 17:07:41
skrivet av Malin


Hon kanske har tittat på hur husse gör och lärt sig av honom?

2009-10-20 @ 10:42:30

remember me?

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