Vietnam 2010 - Revisited

Share written 2009-11-30 @ 14:51:39

My plans to return to Vietnam is shaping into form.. I contacted the Vietnamese Embassy in Stockholm today, and also printed out the Visa Application Form.

I also talked to my manager about taking four weeks of vacation in February. I really want to be in Vietnam during the Tet Holiday, so I hope he approves my request..

Nope, didn't get it. FUCK-FUKC-UFCK-CUFK-FCUK... Another technician had already stolen that vacation slot.. I fuckin' hate this shit.

This means that I will have to put my plans on ice.. ..and worst of all - No FUCKING Tet Holiday for me.

skrivet av Nisse

I am sorry Christer :(

2009-11-30 @ 15:01:08
skrivet av justdidit

Det är ju inte ditt fel sepe:).. Det är det faktum att tekniken är så jävla underbemannade så att två personer inte kan ha semester samtidigt:/..

2009-11-30 @ 15:18:38

remember me?

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