Sunday evening walk - Photographs of Stockholm

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I'm getting old - so I just love walking - shooting photographs and looking at strangers. I don't know exactly when this happened, but it was like two or three years ago. Scary..

One of my favourite churches, because it smiles at you sometimes..
Storkyrkan - Gamla Stan, Stockholm.. It smiles at you sometimes..

Stadshuset - Gamla Stan, Stockholm. By night.
City Hall (Stadshuset) - Kungsholmen, Stockholm

Gustav Vasas Church - Odenplan, Stockholm
Gustav Vasas Church - Odenplan, Stockholm

skrivet av jenn

Vilka fina bilder! :)

2009-11-09 @ 15:43:36
skrivet av Jeanette

härliga bilder! :)

2009-11-11 @ 20:09:51

remember me?

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