Restaurant Koh Phangan

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Fantastic restaurant, nice bars and good clientel, an all over plesant place to hang out. The Tom Kha Gai might be the best I've ever tasted, although I've never been to Thailand, so there might be better TKG's there. The reason why I haven't been to Thailand is because it's for paedophiles and pederasts, really cool people go to Vietnam.. I'm not cool enough to wear this t-shirt though..

Wine drinking woman
The wine at the bar tasted much better than tha Monsoon Valley that I had at the table.

The interior design at Koh Phangan blows you away, or just blows:).. I love it though! The bathrooms are great too, go to Koh Phangan sometime, even if it's just to pee!

Koh Phangan - Ugly thing
What's up with this? To strange to live but to rare to die? Or is it just papier-maché?

skrivet av Egoinas mamma

Sv: Hahaha! Ja, så får jag nog göra! :D

2009-11-08 @ 14:53:13

remember me?

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