Do Pretty Girls Fart?

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According to Myth Busters they do, well I don't anyways, and everyone that claims otherwise are lying! I don't do number two either, because that would just be plain disgusting.. this story is about a friend, not a good friend, just a periferal one.

Well anyways.. ..he - my friend - sometimes has a lot on his mind; sometimes it's work, othertimes it's his personal life, or maybe the weight of the world on his shoulders..

To make a long story short.. ..he is pooping blood again:/.. Peptic ulcer (magsår)? All guesses involving any objects inserted anywhere will be strongly denied. "I did not have sexual relations with that <object>!".. ..he'll answer..

Any other guesses are welcome.. Last time he went to the doctor (15 years ago) they poked him where no man should ever be poked - by another man.. ..with the lights on.. that won't happen again. Your guesses are as good as theirs though, so bring them on... If you fail to come up with a probable reason it's ok if you guess on an object instead:/..

I'm not sure, but I thing Stockholm's Commuter Trains has something to do with this.. Those trains are known to give people peptic ulcers (magsår).. Luckilly I'm not commuter trash (pendeltågs trash), so I don't have to rely on these trains. I rode one of them for fun this morning though.. ..and as always they were late!

Stockholms Länstrafik - SL - Always Late
The train's late once again.. Manipulated image though, it was only six minutes late..

skrivet av Anna

Mitt tåg var för ovanlighetens skull i tid idag..

sv: Näe, inte mobilkamera..

2009-11-03 @ 18:57:58
skrivet av Jempa

Fråga din kompis om det gör ont också, eller är det bara blod? ;)

2009-11-03 @ 19:27:17
skrivet av Jempa

Tack så mycket!

Nja, inget på spåret direkt, men hade det gjort ont så hade det ju kunnat vara något så enkelt som en hemorrojd eller spricka, men då är det uteslutet.

Googla eller ring vårdguiden 320100. No poking guaranteed..

2009-11-03 @ 21:24:30

remember me?

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