I died this week-end

Share written 2009-11-01 @ 21:10:26

Have had asthma attacks all week-end; haven't been able to sleep at night, haven't been able to get up in the mornings. The nights have been full of hallucinations; partly because of oxygen deprivation - in combination with the lack of sleep - and also the fact that I've been caught in between the real world and the dream world.

Scary feeling not knowing whether your action is making footprints in the real world, or only stirring up the dust on the other side..

Damn, it hasn't been this bad since I lived with a fucking cat.. My chest is hurting from having to struggle for each and every single breath of air.. ..and now my head is feeling as if it's going to explode any second now, and I really have to work a couple of hours more to get some documentation in place..

..then it's of to bed again, and another night of nightmares, choking, sweating and dying..

Nightmare - Tunnel of light
Should I walk into the light? (Moon and Clouds with Twist-Distortion (Paint .NET))

skrivet av J

Poor thing. Jag kan klappa dig på huvudet och tycka synd om dig. Hoppas du sover gott inatt.

2009-11-01 @ 21:13:56
skrivet av Isaa

sv; Aha okej, då fattar jag. Najs med engelska!:P

2009-11-01 @ 22:14:23
skrivet av justdidit

Hm, who's J? Jannica? These things keeps me up at night, as well as the asthma..

2009-11-01 @ 22:28:37
skrivet av Sandy

take care of yourself, man. You can't die until u can do your crazy dream in Vietnam. lol

2009-11-02 @ 07:54:36
skrivet av justdidit

Thanks Sandy, you're the best:).. Love you!

2009-11-02 @ 08:31:17
skrivet av Jannica

Nej,det var inte jag.. Men ta hand om dig!!

Puss å kram

2009-11-02 @ 14:24:02
skrivet av justdidit

Then who was it? Jennica, Jennie, Jenny, Jessica, Johanna, Jonna, Josefin, Julia?

I guess I will die not knowing:/..

2009-11-02 @ 14:27:58
skrivet av J

J for Josefine. Sorry...

2009-11-02 @ 15:58:33
skrivet av justdidit

You so fine:).. Tack:$.

2009-11-02 @ 16:09:23

remember me?

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